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Little Switzerland NC is a seasonal colony high in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The elevations here, ranging from 3200 feet in the village to 4000 feet at the top of Grassy Mountain, offer incredible views of Mt. Mitchell to the west, Table Rock, Hawsksbill and Grandfather Mountain to the east, and the valleys of the South Toe, Turkey Cove and the bustling Catawba Valley. 

Little Switzerland was named because of its sweeping panoramas of deep valleys and distant ranges resembling those of the foothills of the Swiss Alps. 

Located at exit 334 off the Blue Ridge Parkway, we’re about an hour's drive from Asheville NC.

For more details on specials and items of interest on a daily basis, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Switzerland-Blue-Ridge-Parkway-NC/118122431596591?fref=ts!

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The 2016 Guide to Little Switzerland is now available.

The brochure is a comprehensive introduction to the area, with details of lodging, attractions, restaurants, and maps. 

Click here to view the guide online,or click here to download (pdf)


Visit the Jewel of the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Mile marker 334, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

McDowell & Mitchell Counties

Close to Asheville, closer to Mother Nature.


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